SSWBA Corridor Banner Project

With generous support from State Representative Babette Josephs' office and design work donated by Message Agency, the SSWBA is creating a series of banners on South Street West to help provide an identity for our vital and growing commercial corridor and draw attention to the variety of services, shops, and experiences our street has to offer.

We have sought the input of residents, business owners, customers, and community groups to help inform the themes for banners and begin developing a new identity and marketing campaign that will extend to advertising, events, and other efforts to promote the corridor.

Get a Personalized Banner for Your Business!

Generic banners will be placed on every block from Broad to 23rd Street, but you can also purchase a banner personalized for your business.

Merchants can sponsor a banner that promotes their business name, address, and products or services. 

The banner will be placed on a lightpost as close to your storefront as possible. 

Because we are purchasing these banners as a group, the production is very affordable and the work has been subsidized by our grant from Representative Josephs. 

We will work with you to identify art for the banner and produce it.  We will also take care of the banner installation and maintenance.

Cost:  $250
Size:  24” x 36”
Featured on Banner: 

  • Your business name & address
  • A graphic about your business (what you sell or what you do)

If you are interested, SIGN UP NOW or call 215-546-6496.