2007 Planning Study for South Street West

In 2007, PennDesign students conducted a planning study on the South Street West commercial corridor and identified a series of goals and recommendations for potential development.

Read about the study here:   http://www.design.upenn.edu/city-regional-planning/planning-study-south-street-west-business-corridor

Project Summary: 

South Street West serves as a main thoroughfare between the Schuylkill River at the west and Broad Street at the east. It is the primary commercial corridor for the Southwest Center City neighborhood, immediately to the south of the corridor. The street has distinct locational advantages, offering quick access to Center City resources, but with real estate prices and commercial rents only a fraction of the cost of streets a few blocks to the north. The street today caters primarily to local residents, but with many gaps along the street. With few new businesses catering to the needs of a diverse population, the street only partially succeeds in meeting the needs of residents.

Ongoing changes within the neighborhood as well as several major near term impacts will have profound effects on the street. Active planning, engagement, and management by the South Street West Business Association in coordination with SOSNA (South of South Neighborhood Association), the residents association for Southwest Center City, and other groups, will enable existing business owners and residents to help shape the future of the street, rather than be shaped by changes as they occur.