Monthly Meeting, February 17 @ The Bainbridge Club

Meeting Information

Date:  Monday, February 17th

Time:  6pm

Location:  The Bainbridge Club, 1523 Bainbridge Street, Second Floor


Philadelphia United Jazz Festival
Warren Oree will be hosting the second annual jazz festival in September.  This year will include performances and involvement by South Street West establishments and open spaces.  Find out how to get involved.
Report on CHOP Development
We will provide a report on the informational presentation delivered by CHOP at a joint RCO meeting with SOSNA.

Bloktoberfest Planning
Planning is starting earlier this year.  Representatives from the committee will be in attendance.
Advertising Campaign with Where Magazine
Beverly Arum will discuss a potential collective marketing opportunity for South Street West with Where Magazine

Philly Free School
A representative from the Philly Free School will deliver a brief presentation on the school and its mission.