Parking On South Street West

Parking on South Street can be convenient.


South Street West has one-hour parking meters or two-hour timed parking on most of its blocks.
Patrons can also park at lots/garages on: 1400 block of South
  15th and South (northeast corner)
  Graduate Hospital lot (1700 block of South)


Residents and Business Owners

Contact the Philadelphia Parking Authority with any concerns, questions, or complaints about parking in our neighborhood.
Philadelphia Parking Authority Key Numbers
Main Office: (215) 683-9606
External Relations: (215) 683-9757
Booting: (215) 683-9750
Towing: (215) 683-9773
Permit Parking: (215) 683-9730
Planning & Analysis: (215) 683-9735
Residential Handicapped Parking: (215) 683-9742
Enforcement Problems: (215) 683-9782
Special Parking Privileges & Contractor Permits (215) 683-9745