SSWBA Mission Statement


SOUTH STREET WEST BUSINESS ASSOCIATION (SSWBA) is a historic partnership between long-standing and new businesses, professionals, and community organizations based on South Street west of Broad. Founded over 40 years ago, the SSWBA is working to strengthen the viability of the South Street West corridor to support thriving businesses that serve local residents' needs and to serve as a destination for neighborhood, city, and regional residents.

In servicing the neighborhood, the SSWBA operates with two guiding principles:

  1. To utilize its unique history and potential to foster development and diversity while maintaining the traditions of the area, allowing both long-term and new residents to benefit through the provision of networking opportunities and access to technical support.

  2. To act as a convener -- providing a mechanism to bring together concerned parties to help in the development of the neighborhood, share information with the neighborhood about activities and development, and receive feedback from the community.
  3. To promote community and economic development on the corridor.